We help you get finance from our banking and finance partners

Apply through our platform, get matched to a finance or banking partner and receive your funds fast

  •  You apply for financing

    You sign up for a free consultation with our team

    After the consultation, you apply for a loan through our 10-minute online form

  •  We submit your application to a finance partnerWe match your application to the most appropriate banking/ finance partner, to give you the greatest chance of approval
  •  Your funds arrive If approved, the finance partner rapidly disperses the funds to your account or your business partner bank account
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Why choose DragonLend?

  •   Simple process

    You submit your information online, and we arrange a loan with our finance partners on your behalf

  •  Fair interest rates

    We match you to the most appropriate finance partner, so that the terms are fair and fit your requirements

  •   Fast loan decisions

    We only work with partners that can disperse loans fast.

  •   Flexible Collaterals

    Business can provide bank-standard collaterals to back the financing: purchasing invoice, service provide contract, automobile, real estate, land and other assets.

  •   Highly personal service

    Our personalised service team will be on standby for any queries you have during the process

Minimum qualification requirements


Your business has been in operation for at least 6 months




Your business has a minimum annual revenue that meets our threshold

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