About DragonLend

Matching businesses with banks for short-term loan

Applying for business finance is still a time-consuming and frustrating process for Vietnamese business, especially for small and medium-sized firms. Micro-enterprises often lack sufficient proof of credit-worthiness, such as collateral, to receive bank financing. Medium-sized businesses may receive an ad-hoc contract, but may not be able to get financing fast enough to fulfil new orders. Many enterprises in Vietnam turn to informal credit sources, with intransparent terms.

DragonLend helps Vietnamese SMEs get access to banking finance. SMEs apply through our online platform, are quickly assessed and are matched with the finance partner that suits their profile. This means that rates are favourable, and are calculated according to an SMEs’ needs. The application form takes 10 minutes, and the whole process is fast.

Our office is located in the financial centre of Ho Chi Minh City.