Our mission

We know that it is difficult to get finance in Vietnam. There are over 80 banks in Vietnam, and many more non-bank financers. Loan terms can be strict and intransparent. Customers waste a lot of time applying for loans, only to be rejected. Customers may not be aware that it is possible to get finance from other sources, or at better rates.

DragonLend’s mission is to support businesses and individuals in getting the finance they need to thrive.

We assess your application fast, match you to the best financer and help you through the process of application and document collection. It’s fast, easy, and promises higher likelihood of approval

DragonLend is an online platform that helps small businesses (SMEs) and individuals in Vietnam get access to finance. Customers apply to us, are quickly assessed and are matched to the most appropriate financer.

We hope that we can support you to get better and fairer finance for your business or personal purposes

We are a part of the fram^ family

DragonLend is a venture of fram^, a Swedish venture builder focusing on technology and e-commerce. fram^ is a publicly-traded company on the Stockholm stock exchange, with a team of 120 staffs across two offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Danang, Vietnam.