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We help small-and-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to grow and thrive, through better access to finance

DragonLend Services

Know your Financial Health
Know your Financial Health

Don't know the financial conditions of your business? Do you want to check whether your business is eligible for requirements from banks in Vietnam? We will advise and assist so you can understand how banks asses your business performance.

Improve your score
Improve your score

Problems with your history? Had financial problems in the past? Do not know how to modify it? We support finding solutions so you can make proper business decisions to increase your financial credibility

Matching package
Matching package

Want to expand your business? Having capital flow constraints? Challenges when approaching banks? DragonLend matches SMEs with the best offers - 14 accredited banks and financial institutions across Vietnam.

Why DragonLend?

Increased likelihood of approval
Increased likelihood of approval

Widespread partnership and experience in financing industry empower us to identify the appropriate finance partner for each customer.


DragonLend supports customers with loan applications and pushes partners to assess applications in a timely manner, therefore, shorten time for disbursement. Time on searching and waiting is efficiently saved.

Attractive interest rates
Attractive interest rates

Having accredited banks and financial institutions in our partner pipeline, DragonLend believes we can provide businesses with optimal interest rates.


Our finance experts are always willing to listen to problems arising from your business. With specialized knowledge in finance, the consultant team not only gives you useful advice but also accompanies you throughout the loan application process.

Why DragonLend?

DragonLend is the optimal financing solution for SMEs in Vietnam

We understand challenges that SMEs in Vietnam face when they look for financing. As financial experts, we give consultation, provide tailored solutions and match businesses with accredited financial institutions in order for SMEs to approach the most suitable financial sources.

Dat Nguyen Ninh (Danny) Business Area Manager

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Nhờ DragonLend, Công ty For Kids đã tìm được một khoản vay với quy mô và kỳ hạn phù hợp với nhu cầu của mình. Cảm ơn bạn rất nhiều!
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Qua tư vấn, vợ chồng tôi nhận ra rằng mình nên chỉ tập trung vay ở một nơi để có thể quản lý tốt dòng tiền. Tôi cũng đã nhận được khoản vay vừa ý với lãi suất tốt. Cám ơn DragonLend đã giải quyết vấn đề tài chính của chúng tôi.